Dip pens for line and wash

With such a variety of wonderful pens available, why is it we reach for our fibre tip pens most of the time? Well, yes they are clean and convenient, but let's be honest they lack a bit of character.... 12 June and 19 November 2021 are the dates.
In this day, you can join Liz to explore the use of dip pens in our line and wash work. From edgy cola pens (made from drinks cans) to Venetian glass pens, there are a variety of tools available which will brng a whole new dimension to your drawing and painting experience. And there might be some nice inks too.....

All materials are provided, along with refreshments. The day is held in Knowl Hill, Berkshire. The group is kept small to ensure lots of individual attention. If you are interested in this day, you might also like the Pen and wash day or the Urban Sketching day.