Beginners watercolour weekend

Not sure if watercolour is for you? By the end of this weekend you will be hooked if I have my way!
Starting from the beginning with a thorough understanding of materials and then learning to control the water and tones, we will cover all the basic watercolour techniques. We will learn to simplify and interepret our subject to capture it in a loose and lively fashion. Whether you want to paint landscapes of animals, this weekend will give you an excellent start on your watercolour journey.

You don't need any experience to enjoy this course, and even if you have already started painting in watercolour students have said it fills in all sorts of gaps!

The group will be small, so there is plenty of individual attention. The course will be held in a beautiful barn studio with plenty of subjects to inspire you. All materials and refreshments will be provided. If you want to make a weekend of it, a list of local hotels can be provided. The cost is £190 per person and two weekends will be held during the year: 21/22 September and 23/24 November. You might also be interested in the taster day on 10 May (held in Hurst, £85).